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Her finder du historien bag hittet, anekdoter om de kendte sange og anderledes informationer om populære plader. Listen udvides løbende og er inddelt alfabetisk efter gruppens/solistens navn eller efternavn.


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ABBA: Interesting facts about their songs

ABBA: All their songs - pick an album and a song

ABBA: Album, the (album)

ABBA: Dancing Queen (1) (2) (3)

ABBA: Happy New Year

ABBA: Name of the Game, The

ABBA: Ring Ring

ABBA: Summer Night City


ABBA: Super Trouper (album)

ABBA: Visitors, The (album)

ABBA: Waterloo (1) (2) (3)

Abdul, Paula: Opposites Attract

AC/DC: Back in Black (the album) (1) (2)

AC/DC: Highway to Hell

Adams, Bryan: Stories behind the albums

Adams, Bryan: The albums and the songs (in Danish!)

Adams, Bryan: Songs written by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance

Adams, Bryan: (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (1) (2) (3)

Adams, Bryan: Heaven

Adams, Bryan: Here I Am

Adams, Bryan: On a Day Like Today (the album)

Adams, Bryan: Summer Of '69 (1) (2)

Aerosmith: Eat the Rich (and others)

Aerosmith: Toys in the Addic (the album)

Aguilera, Christina: Ain't No Other Man

Aguilera, Christina: Back to Basics (the album)

Aguilera, Christina: Beautiful (1) (2)

Aguilera, Christina: Genie in a Bottle

Aguilera, Christina: Hurt

Aguilera, Christina: Lady Marmalade

A-Ha: Hunting High And Low

A-ha: Take On Me

Air: Moon Safari (the album)

Akon: Konvicted (the album)

Akon: Runnin’

Akon: Smack That

All About Eve: Martha's Harbour

Alphaville: Forever Young (album)

America: Horse With No Name, A

Amos, Tori: Little Earthquakes (the album)

Angels: My Boyfriend's Back (1) (2)

Animals, The: House of the Rising Sun

Arctic Monkeys: When the Sun Goes Down

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Here you will find the story behind the hit, trivia about famous songs, anecdotes about music and how it was written. The list will gradually expand, and you are welcome to send me your links or contact me if you find any dead links: © 2005 • Tor Bagger